cpPredictor documentation


  • 0. Terms: terms and conditions for this webserver;
  • 1. Help: description of the submission page;
  • 2. Example: a representative example demonstrating the basic use of cpPredictor server for prediction of RNA secondary structures;
  • 3. Use cases: three use cases demonstrating the advanced use of cpPredictor.


cpPredictor is a webserver for template-based prediction of RNA secondary structure. It takes template structure(s) and query sequence(s) and generates secondary structure of the query sequence(s) using the template. Biological reliability of the generated structures is evaluated in form of z-scores.

Information on how the prediction algorithm works can be found here and source code is available here.

Citation: Panek, J., Modrak, M. and Schwarz, M. (2017) An Algorithm for Template-Based Prediction of Secondary Structures of Individual RNA Sequences, Front Genet, 8, 147.

The work was supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic [GA15-00885S] and ELIXIR CZ research infrastructure project (MEYS Grant No: LM2015047).

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